Visual Identity

PSU Logo


The Palawan State University Seal shall be as approved by the Board of Regents. It is the official representation of the university and indicates its year foundation in 1965. It shall be concentric circles between which are the words “Palawan State University” and “Philippines” in the middle bottom space in between the circles. Respect for the seal must be observed at all times.




Twenty Four Stars

The 24 stars represent the 23 Municipalities of Palawan and 1 highly urbanized City of Puerto Princesa where the main campus as well as the original Palawan Teacher’s College Campus are located.



The crown symbolizes something precious and unifying. It also symbolizes that the university is the treasure of the Palawenos.



It represents the mouth of Tabon Cave the cradle of Philippine civilization.



It shows the perspective of the Province of Palawan.



It indicates the year R.A. 4303 was approved by President Diosdado P. Macapagal creating Palawan Teachers College on June 19 1965.



Azure and Coral sand are the colors of the university.